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Three Months Ago Today

Posted May 6, 2011 8:07pm
by Melinda
Three months ago today, my little Sara passed through the veil to the other side. We never published an obituary for Sara, but I did put this together for a family newsletter. I wrote most of it shortly after Sara's passing. I meant to post it here a long time ago, but never did. I wanted to mention that I am starting a blog soon. I will let you know the web address as soon as I have it up and running.
How can I possibly express my love for my precious little Sara? She is my sweet little red headed princess who was almost always by my side for the last four years.
Her life here with us was a gift from God and a gift from Sara too. We needed Sara here in our family and Sara needed us. I believe that Sara agreed to play the role she played in our family before she came to us. She agreed to come here with only half a heart and endure the suffering that went with that condition if she could be a twin sister to Anna and a little sister to Cate- if she could have parents that love her as much as Steve and I do!

As our family prayed for more children, prayed for her to survive the pregnancy, prayed for her to survive her surgeries and complications and prayed for her to be able to endure all of her medications and therapies, we all developed a deep and special love for Sara.
Through loving Sara, we learned to turn to the Lord in constant prayer and to rely and trust in Him like never before. Loving Sara gave us a perspective that each day with our children was precious; she united our little family as well as our extended family in prayer and brought us all closer together. Loving Sara taught us patience as she fought against meds and pokes and doctors and even food. Loving Sara taught us to sacrifice, as her needs often came first. Loving Sara taught us compassion for other children and families living with medical conditions. Loving Sara helped us to experience true joy as she brightened each day with her radiant smiles! Most importantly, loving Sara confirmed to us that Heavenly Father knows each one of us personally and that because He loves us so much and knows us best, we need to trust Him and accept His will for us. Sara gave us that wonderful gift with her life.
Steve and I were blessed to both greet Sara into this life as well as to be with her as her spirit left this earth to go on to a better place. We fought to get Sara from the beginning. Sara fought to be here too. In the end, she also fought to stay with us and we fought for her too. To be with Sara as she took her last breath was as special and sacred as giving birth to her, but in a completely different way.
Steve and I consider it a privilege to be Sara’s parents and to have been given the gift of four years to be with her and get to know her. Some of Sara’s favorite things were to sing, dance, play chase, hide n’ seek and dress-up, do puzzles, go to Disneyland and Pretend City, watch her favorite TV shows and Disney movies, play at the park, have books read to her, have dance parties with her Daddy and sisters, listen to Mommy sing bedtime songs to her and tell her silly made-up bedtime stories, and most of all, she loved soaking up the attention of relatives and playing and laughing with her sisters and Mommy and Daddy.
Steve, Cate, Anna and I take comfort in knowing that our precious Sara, with the feisty personality and beautiful smile, will always be part of our little family and that she is wrapped in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. We know that through God’s plan of happiness, we can be perfected through the Atonement, receive a fullness of joy, and live forever as families in the presence of God. What a joyful reunion that will be one day!

Posted May 16, 2011 1:34am
Melinda, thank you for sharing here. Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers for these several months. May you continue to feel these blessings, and may the light of your bright little Sara shine down on you and warm you when you do have a dark moment.
Wishing many blessings for you and your family - Jennifer

Posted May 11, 2011 3:40pm
This is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful little Sara. I find comfort in your strong testimony of the blessings of forever families.

Much love to you all!

Posted May 8, 2011 1:54pm
Posted May 7, 2011 9:17pm
Melinda and Steve,
Thank you so much for sharing this message. Your spirituality and testimonies are always inspiring. I hope that Cate and Anna feel that same peace and comfort and Heavenly Father's love that you two do. I've always prayed for that. I hope that everything else is well with you all. Love you!

osted May 7, 2011 4:12pm
Beautiful Melinda, We send our love!
Such a beautiful tribute to Sara. Sending big hugs to you, Steve, Anna and Cate.

Posted May 7, 2011 3:36pm
Melinda tears ran down my cheeks as a read your beautiful words to my son. We feel so blessed to know Sara and your family. Your words are a message of hope and faith. As a mother you have given me the gift of appreciation. I have learned to enjoy the moments we have and truly lean on God in all areas of our live. I know the day you all unite with Sara will be full of joy, may you and your family always be comforted by her memory until that joyful day.

Posted May 7, 2011 1:56pm
Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Your family has been an inspiration to all of us.
We love you!

Posted May 7, 2011 12:54pm

What a sweet and tender tribute to a beautiful little girl! I'm sure days like yesterday's funeral couldn't be easy for you. I think you will always be reminded of Sara and your loss when you hear of someone else losing a child. In time, you will be able to help them through those trying times because you can empathize when others can't. You'll be able to share with them what you've learned and help them recognize the Lord's hand as you have.

Thank you for the wonderful reminder of the gift our lives and our families are. May you have a sweet Mother's Day, one filled with comfort and peace. You are still in my prayers!

Posted May 7, 2011 12:34pm
What an amazing family you are. I feel privileged to have known Sara for such a short but wonderful time. You are blessed!! Mary Lou Andrea

Posted May 7, 2011 11:28am

Thank you for sharing some of your most intimate feelings. You and your family are as the scriptures say, "A light unto the world." You have strengthened so many through your testimony and words of inspiration. Thank you for sharing Sara with us too.

Posted May 7, 2011 10:58am
Your a beautiful mother inside and out! Thank you for sharing your thoughts that are so special, you are an inspiration to me.

Posted May 7, 2011 5:36am
I loved your message. Thank you!

Posted May 7, 2011 12:45am

Since I was given this URL I have been reading silently and thinking of little Sara often. I can't read without getting choked up. Although you do not know me, I wanted to reach out and tell you how incredible I think you and your family are and these brave writting a blessing. God works in ways we are unaware. My sincerest wishes of continued love and healing for you and your family.
Warm regards 

Posted May 6, 2011 11:51pm
You're a wonderful mother and I really enjoy seeing Sara's beautiful smile from the pictures.

Posted May 6, 2011 11:27pm
Thank you so much for sharing your feelings Melinda!

Posted May 6, 2011 9:10pm
Melinda, so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your heart and for being such an inspiration!

Posted May 6, 2011 8:18pm
Beautiful Melinda, just beautiful!

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