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Back to the OR 08-11-10

Posted Aug 11, 2010 3:44am
by Melinda
Post-op Day 9
Sara's natural heart rhythm has not returned and the specialists here do not think it will come back. So, at 6:30 am this morning Sara will have sugery to place a pacemaker in her abdomen. The surgeon will also recut her chest open to place the pacing wires that connect to the pacemaker. This is a simple procedure compared to her surgery last week (lasting only an hour or less), but for some reason this is more upseting to me. Unfortunately, the surgeon here has not been very professional and upfront with us and that has added greatly to the disappointment I am feeling right now. The idea of reopening her chest and having a foreign object in her abdomen are not sitting well with me either, but I also know that we will ajust to Sara's pacemaker and all that comes with it and soon it will be part of our normal.
I have already received dozens of emails from Moms and Dads of kids with pacemakers that assure me that their kids can still do all the same things they did before. I found these parents through two online support groups for parents with CHD's. What a tremendous resource these parents are and I always feel good when I'm able to share advice or an experience that helps another heart family too.
We hope to be home in a few days. Sara was doing so well today. She had another visit from Cate and Anna which she enjoyed. We colored and watched TV tonight and she was feeling so great and in such a good mood. In a little while she will have to go back to no food and only squirts of water for 6 hours. It will be a long day!
I'm posting some new pics. Sweet Aunt Judi sent Sara the cutest puppy that has owies just like her. Sara adores the puppy! And check out Sara's leg warmers. I had the idea that leg warmers would be perfect for the hospital and I was right! Sara loves them and they are quite the conversation starter with the nurses and doctors!
Thanks for your prayers!
I'll post a brief update when surgery is over and again when we're on our way home.

Posted Aug 11, 2010 11:36pm
Wow, Melinda! I am praying for her. Hang in there. What an amazing little girl Sara is. We love all of you guys!

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