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Hanging Out Here For a While 08-07-10

Posted Aug 7, 2010 6:53pm
by Melinda
I can tell Sara is feeling much better and we would be leaving in a few days if it wasn’t for the heartblock. What a trooper she is! She so badly wants to go home. Understandably, she hates being poked and forced to take yucky medicine all the time at all hours. She is still on complete heartblock, so she still has to use the external pacemaker. Through research and asking a lot of questions, we know that the surgeon either cut the nerve during the surgery or there was swelling in the area of the nerve. In addition to the planned Fontan, the surgeon ended up having to do a Tricuspid Annuloplasty during the surgery (basically fixing a leaky valve) and anytime you work on a valve there is the risk of damaging the nerve that synchronizes the rhythm of the heartbeat in the upper and lower chambers of the heart. So, as I said before, her heartbeat is not in synch. I'm probably not explaining this very well, so sorry if it's confusing.
There is a chance that as the swelling goes down in that area that the natural rhythm comes back. So, we are hanging out here until Wednesday to see if it comes back. If it doesn't come back, Sara will stay a little longer to have a permanent pacemaker inserted. Please continue to pray that her natural rhythm is restored.
I have the sweetest husband! He drives up every day to See Sara, keep me company and relieve me from the bedside for a while. He brings me food (It's either McDonald's or the cafeteria here in the hospital) and whatever Sara and I need. Out of the blue, he also brought the whole CTICU Krispy Cream Doughnuts! They were very appreciative! Lucky me to be married to such a sweet, generous guy!
Yesterday Steve brought Anna and Cate to the hospital! I miss those cute girls! I think Sara enjoyed having her sisters here. Cate was really concerned when she saw Sara's fresh chest wound and heard us talk about Sara's heartblock. She's very sensitive that way. I was pleased to hear Cate’s been a big help with Anna while I'm gone. It was also so cute to see and hear Anna tell Sara how she missed her. Anna is so expressive with her feelings. I love that about her!
Steve may need to set up some playdates or have help watching the girls this next week so he can get some work done. He or I may be calling some you to help out.
Thanks for the prayers, love and support.
Posted Aug 8, 2010 4:18am
Dear Melinda, Steve, Cate, Anna and Sara,
What a powerful team you are!! As I read your update and view the pics, I'm flooded with feelings. What a trooper Sara is! To see that smile and the delight in her face is just astounding. I have tried to imagine if one of my girls had been in Sara's situation at her age and what I would feel and how I would manage, but my mind just won't take me to that extent. Wow, Steve, I don't know if I would have the power of keeping it all together that you have. I am so delighted with the faith and dedication to the Lord that you both have. Prayers continuing.

Posted Aug 7, 2010 8:10pm
We certainly will be keeping little Sara in our prayers. It's fun to hear your stories about the girls. Thanks for sharing. Sisters are such blessings to each other and can bring great comfort. All will be well
Pam and Dale Hadfield

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